Archives 2018 | Volume 7, Issue 2

Antioxidant and anticancer activities of an Aporphine alkaloid isolated from Alphonsea sclerocarpa

Suman Joshi DSD, Chander Amgoth, Surya Narayana S, Padmavathi CH, Madhavi J, Krishna Satya A*

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):51-55

Bioformulation of antifungal herbal extract from Curcuma caesia Roxb. and Ixora coccinea L. against Botrytis cinerea Pers.

Arghya Ghosh*

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):56-59

Investigation of anti-arthritic activity (in-vitro models) of Hibiscus hispidissimus Griffith

Shilpa K*, Nimmy Chacko, Prerana Shetty, Sandhya Savithri A

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):60-65

Medicinal plants used by tribal and rural community of Sata Pokhran area of tehsil Pampore of district Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir-India

Mohd Shahijahan Dar*, GH. Nabi Joo, Showkat Ahmad Ganaie

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):66-71

Antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial activities and GC-MS analysis of aqueous extract of pulps of Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa

Vardhini SP, Sivaraj C, Arumugam P, Himanshu Ranjan, Kumaran T, Baskar M*

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):72-78

Cuminum cyminum methanolic extract prevents oxidative modification of low density lipoproteins: Preliminary evidence on its anti-atherosclerotic potential

Ranjitsinh Devkar*, Kiran Lagu, Jaymesh Thadani, Kavita Shirsath

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):79-83

Decoction of Andrographis paniculata whole plant and Gymnema sylvestre leaves demonstrated noteworthy hypoglycemic activity in Sprague Dawley rat

Sachin P Borikar*, Nilesh G Kallewar, Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, Rohit A Gupta, Nitin G Dumore, Kishor R Danao, Ujwala N Mahajan

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):84-87

Ethnomedicinal, Pharmacological Properties and Phytochemistry of Sida spinosa Linn. A mini review

Ajeet Singh*, Navneet

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):88-91

In silico documentation of medicinal plants in Lacchiwala range, Dehradun forest division, Uttarakhand (India)

Singh B*, Kaur H

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):92-102

Traditional uses, Antimicrobial potential, Pharmacological properties and Phytochemistry of Viola odorata: A Mini Review

Ajeet Singh*, Shweta Dhariwal, Navneet

The Journal of Phytopharmacology, 2018;7(1):103-105

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